Solar Panel Installation
When you choose Ninja Exteriors you get more than solar panels for your home. You’re amplifying your positive impact by doing business with a company that’s working to create positive change.

Why Solar?

Save Money, Invest Smart
A home solar system pays for itself by lowering or eliminating your electricity bill for decades. Solar panels often show thousands of dollars in savings over their lifetime – sometimes paying for themselves twice over! Just like owning your home is often a better investment than renting, owning your power can offer you better returns than “renting” from a utility company.

Increase Your Home’s Value
Homebuyers are willing to pay more for a home with solar because it’s going to save them money on their electricity bill every month for years to come. A 2019 report from Zillow found that homes with solar panels sold for 4.1% more on average than homes without solar. Learn more about buying or selling a home with solar panels.

Make a Difference
Did you know that traditional electricity production is responsible for 27% of greenhouse gas emissions? By installing solar panels you can make a positive impact to help the environment. It’s a benefit of solar that doesn’t show up when calculating savings and return on investment; the benefit of knowing we did something to leave our planet a better place for future generations.

Take Control of Your Energy
We can each make positive changes for the environment, and we’re not stuck with rising energy costs. Take control when you own your energy production and get out of utility debt. As energy costs rise, you’re locked in at a lower rate, all while utilizing renewable energy.